miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014


Inspiring history lessons, succulent food, invigorating walks, and a LOT of laughter: These are some of the reasons I recommend Francisco Guayasamin  for anyone contemplating a tour in Ecuador or a move to Ecuador. 

He's the man who can!


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Anónimo dijo...

We are missing you, wishing we were back in Ecuador. I love you for your unselfish work to help the community, and you are always a proud promoter of Ecuador. I saw your video on safe-sex but I didn't understand it in Spanish. The Men's Choir video was wonderful. You are a creative and passionate man. Cheers to you, Francisco!

Dennis and Daniel

Anónimo dijo...


Thank you so much for making my visit to Ecuador so memorable. I feel like I've not only had a wonderful visit but I've also made a new friend.

Thank you again for a wonderful three days, they were very memorable. I travel a lot and I sort ofr emember places, but it's the people I meet that truly make an impression on me.

Randy (Clarence R.) Pack

Anónimo dijo...

Francisco, thank you for your 35 days of assistance.
I enjoyed my time in Ecuador. You did a good job making arrangements.
You are a numero uno guide.

Glenn Owen