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After researching the best way to see the different ecosystems in Ecuador we chose Francisco’s tour company. We spent the last part of April 2016 in Ecuador. It will be a top tour destination soon as it is truly a beautiful place.

He came immediately the first morning after receiving our frustrated call, to hotel the first morning, as we'd discovered missing baggage. We had just spent 10 days in Peru experiencing one mishap after another (inc stolen backpack with passports, $$ &meds)  and to say we were frustrated and anxious is an understatement.

Francisco  came in with a huge, welcoming smile, summed up the situation and immediately had us feeling like he would take care of whatever came up seamlessly from that point.  He is high energy with the ability to go with the flow on daily basis, enthusiastic, accommodating, knowledgeable and just friendly by nature!

Francisco spent 7 nights with us, doing a loop through the lushly forested jungle, rain & cloud forests. This tour was amazing, each day filled with beauty & excitement while seeing the best in each area. The hotels/ resorts were charming with the amenities requested inc steam thermal baths.

Francisco Guayasamin  knows this part of his country intimately and his knowledge is vast from the history to the flora & fauna of each area.  He is interesting! We never tired of listening to him and in fact admitted that we looked forward the stories, facts, myths thru out each day. He is knowledgable, interesting and funny!

He also has a way of encouraging even the most timid to try new adventures and foods. For example there was zip lining in Mindo through the cloud forest where the views were out of this world!
Seven zip lines, with a hike higher  between each line … yep, with enthusiastic and gentle coaxing two of our truly hesitant group went way out of their comfort zone and did it!!
Of course this was a major accomplishment & a high light of their trip!!

Francisco was warned ahead of time that we had varied food preferences from very simple, mild fare to wanting to try any and everything local. Again, Francisco knows many of the restaurants in each area. Weather simple,exotic,fancy or casual, inexpensive or not he will guide your group to a good, mostly excellent choice to relax & regroup while eating exactly what you wanted, without even knowing it! We had only one so so meal the entire 10 days. He also has a knack for knowing when its time to take a break before we realized it for ourselves.

We spent the remainder of our vacation in Quito where Francisco Guayasamín  has spent his life. I will say only this… we saw every part of this old and interesting city with a guide whose intimate, vast knowledge and love for each place we went was there for everyone within earshot to see.

 Again I will say only that the stories, the history, the places we were taken through out 10 days - Quito, the jungle, the cloud and rain forest... perfect!!! 

Sandie McClary

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We feel grateful and blessed to have made your company and look forward to this exciting journey together! Sending love, hugs and my best ~ Melissa